Description of my practice



For many years now Paul Bles has a practice in which he guides people psychologically through a comprehensive analysis of the aspects of the hand. People come with all kinds of questions about life. They want to understand their own character, their relationships, and gain insight into their own destination in life or their assimilation of emotional events from the past. Many come with serious problems from which they have not seen a way out for many years.

Hand analysis can help you learn how to cope with or even find ways to eliminate your problems. An open, in-depth consultation can shed a clear light on how to best approach and resolve your problems.

Paul Bles works closely with the client to gain insight into his or her personal strengths and weaknesses and to learn how to use or compensate for them in finding creative solutions. The client must take the first step towards solving his problems by being willing to accept who and what he really is. With the right attitude, Paul can help him take the next critical steps on the path to self-awareness and personal growth, which can give him the strength he needs to overcome his difficulties.

First there is a thorough psychological diagnosis. The hands are invaluable for this -they give insight into the psyche of the client. Palmistry (hand analysis) makes it possible to fathom the real reasons a person feels and acts the way he does. This insight is liberating, opening up the client to further effective treatments which use transpersonal psychology and therapy and several other psychotherapeutical models.

A consultation takes 1 hour and it is an intensive experience. You will receive a cassette recording of the consultation or therapy for future reference.

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